Conférences 2018

Upstream Topics

North Africa Exploration & Production Conference

Tight reservoirs
Reservoir evaluation and fracturation
Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) thermal recovery, gas injection, chemical injection, steam flooding
Reservoir engineering, evaluation, monitoring and testing technologies
Advances in regional geology (Sedimentology, sequence/seismic stratigraphy and structural modelling)
E&P Geoscience (GEO)
Oil, Gas and Unconventional Field Developments (OGUFD)
Stratigraphic traps, Tight reservoirs, reservoir compartmentalization
Monitoring and testing technologies
Smart and digital oilfields: improving operational capabilities of assets
Geoscience: technology development and commercialisation
Onshore and offshore well stimulation: hydraulic fracking technology and operations
Intelligence completions: design, implementation and performance
Well interventions and new technologies
Technology & innovation in the O&G for cost efficiency

North Africa Drilling Technology Conference

Drilling and downhole: technology, production optimisation, cost reduction, drilling optimization
Intelligence completions: design, implementation and performance
Drilling fluids: technology, environment, performance enhancement
International practices for site restoration and abandonment of old wells.
Rig and Equipment Integrity Management-Best Practices
New technologies drilling technics & Equipements
Well interventions and new technologies
Advances in Drilling Bit Technology and Deployment
Drilling Beyond the Limit
Advanced Drilling Techniques to Develop Gas Resources
Cost Optimisation “Doing More with Less” Decommissioning and Well Abandonment

Downstream Topics

North Africa Gas & LNG Conference

LNG Markets and LNG Projects
Floating LNG Concept (FSRU’s & LNG FPSO)
The future of the LNG and Gas in North Africa
The North Africa gas market adapting to a changing supply demand balance
New players in the LNG market
Commercial and Technical Developments
Sustainability, Safety and Environmental Benefits
Cost Trends and Optimisation
Managing the Resource Constraints
LNG Facility Issues including Operations, Maintenance, Aging and Training
Competitive Energy Markets
New demand from FSRU
Small Skill LNG market
North Africa Gas & LNG projects and development
Long term demand / supply
LNG competitiveness in the global energy market
The end of the LNG mega-project ? current oil price situation
Partnership development between Public sector and private sector
North Africa to open market
Developing the domestic market North Africa countries

North Africa Refining and Petrochemicals Conference

Advanced hydrocracking technology in refining
Fuels and lubes product integrity, standards and legislations
Fuels distribution: efficiency, safety and security
Brownfield revamping, expansion, conversion and developments
Refining and petrochemical integration and feedstock maximisation: crude oil derivatives including naptha, LPG, NGL, shale gas, ethane gas
Refining technology and processing developments: catalytic and thermal cracking, hydrocracker reaction and fractionation units, delayed coking units, contaminants removal, alkylation and polymerisation, isomerisation
Bottom of the barrel upgrading
Successful project execution: engineering, procurement, construction and management, cost optimisation
Mega project challenges in a low price oil environment: refining, petrochemicals, gas
Mitigating challenges during commissioning and start up operations: onshore and offshore facilities
Processing transportation and infrastructure